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I G. A. K. Diafari Djuni H I G A P Raka Agung N. Pramaita Made Sugiri DOI: Abstract AndroidisaLinux-basedoperatingsystemandis open source that can be developed independently so that more applications can be made. This application can also be integrated with other devices to control or control system is desirable. Media remote control or […]

Pengukuran Kecepatan Kendaraan Secara Realtime Berbasis Android

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Rendi Gustina Widyadi Setiawan Teknik Elektro Unud Ngurah Indra ER Teknik Elektro Unud DOI: Abstract Abstract— Intelligent transport systems in the android operating system is able to bring about change is very important in human life. Objectives and benefits in this thesis is to obtain an application program measuring the speed of vehicles in […]

Rancang Bangun Sistem Pemantauan Panel Surya Berbasis Internet of Things

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Gede Widi Kurniawan Universitas Udayana I G A Putu Raka Agung Universitas Udayana Pratolo Rahardjo Universitas Udayana DOI: Abstract The application of the internet of things is starting to be widely used at this time. One of the developments in internet of things technology is monitoring a system with an Android application wirelessly. This […]