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Luh Putu Riska Riana Paramita Program Studi S1 Industri Perjalanan Wisata, Fakultas Pariwisata, Universitas Udayana
I Wayan Suardana Program Studi S1 Industri Perjalanan Wisata, Fakultas Pariwisata, Universitas Udayana
I Made Sendra Program Studi S1 Industri Perjalanan Wisata, Fakultas Pariwisata, Universitas Udayana

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24843/IPTA.2018.v06.i02.p04


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of promotion Tiket.com through several stages, such as: identification dimensions empathy, persuasion, impact, and communication. Further reviewed how the effectiveness of promotion Tiket.com it can affect the decision to buy air tickets to Bali.

Data collection techniques used obeservation, interviews, questionnaires, literature studies and documentation. Data collection techniques use non-probability sampling with accidental sampling procedure. The analysis technique used quantitative descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression analysis.

The result of this study shows that the dimension of empathy (x1) has a positive and significant effect of 0.001 on buying decisions (y), persuasion dimension (x2) has a positive and significant effect of 0.001 on buying decisions (y), impact dimension (x3) significant 0,041 to the buying decision (y) and the last dimension of communication (x4) have a positive and significant effect of 0.000 on buying decision (y).

From the EPIC model is the face of communication is the biggest factor influencing the decision of tourists to buy ticket through the website Tiket.com. This is because the communication contained in promotion Tiket.com easy to understand and attached to the memory of tourists to use the website Tiket.com when buying air tickets if want to travelling.

Tiket.com, a prominent online travel platform, has been utilizing various promotional strategies to attract domestic tourists to purchase air tickets to Bali. This article aims to assess the effectiveness of Tiket.com’s promotions by examining the dimensions of empathy, persuasion, impact, and communication. Additionally, it explores how these promotional efforts influence the decision-making process of potential travelers. Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, this study sheds light on the crucial factors that contribute to the success of Tiket.com’s promotional campaigns.

One of the essential dimensions evaluated in this study is empathy, which refers to Tiket.com’s ability to understand and connect with its target audience. The analysis reveals a significant and positive effect of empathy on the buying decisions of domestic tourists. The study demonstrates that when Tiket.com effectively empathizes with potential travelers, it enhances their inclination to purchase air tickets to Bali.

Another dimension examined in the study is persuasion. Findings indicate a strong positive influence of persuasion on the buying decisions of domestic tourists. Tiket.com’s persuasive techniques, such as attractive offers, discounts, and personalized recommendations, play a vital role in encouraging potential travelers to choose Tiket.com as their preferred platform for purchasing air tickets.

The impact dimension focuses on the lasting impressions created by Tiket.com’s promotions. The analysis suggests that the impact dimension significantly influences the buying decisions of domestic tourists. Tiket.com’s promotional efforts that leave a lasting impression on potential travelers, such as engaging content, memorable visuals, and testimonials from satisfied customers, contribute to their decision to purchase air tickets through the platform.

Among the dimensions analyzed, communication emerges as the most significant factor influencing the decision-making process of domestic tourists. Tiket.com’s communication strategies, characterized by clear and concise messaging, ease of understanding, and effective information delivery, strongly impact potential travelers’ choices. The study reveals that Tiket.com’s communication efforts make it a preferred platform for domestic tourists seeking a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

In recent years, the tourism industry in Bali has experienced significant growth, making it a highly competitive market. In this context, Tiket.com’s effective promotional strategies have positioned the platform as a trusted and reliable option for domestic tourists.

By empathizing with their target audience, utilizing persuasive techniques, creating lasting impressions, and employing effective communication, Tiket.com has successfully established itself as a go-to platform for purchasing air tickets to Bali.

Tiket.com’s promotions not only facilitate convenient ticket purchases but also contribute to the overall travel experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive travel information, and attractive deals enhance the satisfaction and confidence of domestic tourists, leading to a positive impact on the tourism industry in Bali.

Furthermore, Tiket.com’s success in promoting domestic tourism to Bali has broader implications for the local economy. Increased visitor numbers result in higher demand for accommodation, transportation, and various tourist services, creating business opportunities and generating revenue for local stakeholders. Thus, Tiket.com’s effective promotions play a crucial role in supporting the growth and sustainability of Bali’s tourism sector.



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